Sunday, October 25, 2009

Vintage Takamine

Story submitted by Tim M.
(Tim, how about a photo?)

About two weeks ago I was onstage about to start “my gig” when one of the tuning keys on my Takamine broke. There wasn’t anything I could do about it at that moment, so I grabbed a guitar from one of our other guitarists and used it for the performance. The next day I decided it was time for a new guitar. I’d had that old cheap Takamine for about ten years and had always known I wanted to buy a better guitar. I took this broken tuning key as a sign that today was the day! So I drove down to Guitar Center, dragging my Takamine along with me to buy a replacement tuning key, but mostly with a new guitar in mind.

After a couple hours in the holy of holies, I decided on a Breedlove acoustic/electric. Nothing particular special about the guitar, but it had a great pick up, solid build, and felt great in my hands. And rather than dishing out the money I’d need to pay for the Takamine repair, I decided to instead trade it in on the Breedlove. And thus the heartache began…

The minute I walked out of that store I regretted trading in my Takamine.

It was cheap, but I had played that thing all over the world; from the Eastern seaboard of the United States, to all over the UK and Ireland, to France and even Eastern Europe. The thing had become an old friend and was full of memories for me. And now I had sold it over $100 worth of new tuning keys.

I literally had trouble sleeping that night. In fact, I didn’t even pull my new guitar out of its case to play that night. And the next morning was more of the same. What had I done?!!! And so, twenty-four hours after trading it in at Guitar Center, I found myself driving back to Fairfax to see if they still had my guitar. They did. And I bought it back at full price. Hahaha!

Oh but it was worth it. I love my new guitar and it will likely be the one I play on stage from here on out. But my old friend is back home with me and, when I’m in the mood to have a guitar in my hands while I’m laying around the house, my Takamine is the one I reach for.

Good to have you back old friend!