Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Haunted 1930s Kalamazoo Archtop

Taken from an
eBay auction by Statewide Antiques

If ever there was a guitar that has character and possibly a soul, this 1930s Gibson Kalamazoo is it ! Measures 39-1/2". Lower bout is 14-7/8". Depth is 4-3/8". This guitar shows the battle scars of an old time blues player. I think his spirit is still connected to this guitar, so if you're superstitious you shouldn't bid on this guitar for real as I will explain below.

There's a lifetime of heavy playing wear on the upper back of the neck. Pick wear and scratches on the entire upper bout. Fingerboard wear on the first 3 frets from someone who obviously loved to play. Despite the obvious open split on the back, this guitar with old strings plays surprisingly well! Action is low and neck is straight. First 3 frets need leveling or replacing.

There's something about this guitar that captivates and draws you in to play it. For the short 2 weeks I've had her, while playing, it's as if the spirit of the old bluesman starts playing through you. I'd keep her but the strange vibe attached to this guitar has given me 2nd thoughts if it should remain in my home. I've noticed a strange feeling when playing just this guitar. The best I can describe is imagine losing your identity, as if you start becoming someone else as you play.

This guitar is right out of a twilight zone novel. Many people would embrace a guitar with this ultimate mojo. The last straw that has forced me to sell was my wife being awakened hearing what she thought was me playing a guitar and humming around 3:00 AM. She went to roll out of bed to check why I was up so late only to roll over and find me by her side in bed. She wakes me up freaking out and told me to listen. I heard it and nervously went down stairs where I keep the guitar. As soon as I entered the room there was complete silence and the hairs on my arm were standing. For the record I don't hum when playing a guitar.

This indeed is a special guitar for someone who is OK owning a guitar with a possible paranormal connection. It really doesn't bother me but when it starts freaking out the wife, it's time to sell. Only reason I'm sharing this is so the right person ultimately buys this guitar. Preferably someone without kids. Perfect if your mother-in-law lives with you. The only history I know about this guitar is it was purchased from an elderly couple who relocated from New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Good luck !