Monday, March 29, 2010

Hey, We're Featured in Guitar Edge Magazine

Well, you are definitely going to want to pick up the new issue of Guitar Edge magazine. Articles about Nels Cline of Wilco, the Way Huge Aqua-Puss reissue (of which I already got one 'cause I'm cool) and, let's see...oh yeah, a feature about this here ol' blog.

If you are already a regular reader of Guitar Edge then start looking for it now. If you are new to Guitar Edge, be sure to click here to check out the story about this blog and check out the rest of the digital online version of the mag too. Great stuff.

And by the way, stay tuned this week for a couple of new gear stories that will be posted as well as a story and photos about some Fender history that is really cool.


G L Wilson said...

Nice one, Jaimie!

Jeremy Palmer said...

Jamie, I really love this site and think you fill a very important niche: speaking with passion and humor about a subject we all, unfortunately, know all too much about... keep it up please!

Anonymous said...

Awesome, Jamie.

I check in here every once in a while. Glad to see you get some publicity.