Sunday, December 20, 2009

Squier not Squire

This is just a pet peeve and I need to get it off my chest. All day long, every single day, here in the San Diego area on Craigslist people list guitars and basses for sale by Squire. I'm sure they do it in your area too. People! It's right there on the headstock. It's spelled S-Q-U-I-E-R.

I feel better now. As you were.



G L Wilson said...

I also made the same comment a while back here:

As I said at the time, it's an easy spelling to remember, because it's SquiER - like FendER.

Keith said...

yeah, Jamie, but you're forgetting the benefit to that-- fewer people will find the guitar if they're browsing via ebay's tags, or if it's someone in the know searching "squier."

Which means fewer bidders, and a better chance at a bargain!

thesteve said...

On one of the guitar forums I help moderate, I make a point to correct every "Squire" I see to the correct spelling or Squier. As a fellow San Diegan, the inability of CL users to properly look at the headstock of the instrument they're selling and type the name of the company properly blows my mind.

JLM said...

Irks me too, but eight years later it happens constantly, even a great deal on a forum called Squier-Talk. 'Splain that one, Lucy.