Monday, June 29, 2009

Something New

Well, since I sold the Swamp Thang I haven't unloaded anything else and no one seems to be sending in their own stories (hint, hint people!). So I thought I'd share "before" photos of a guitar I have on the way. Yes, I've been selling some stuff off because of tight times, but I paid for this one way back in about October '08 and it's finally almost done. It's a resonator guitar hand built by Mike Franks at M.J. Franks Guitars.

Mike was nice enough to send me photos of the guitar just before it went out the door to get the finish done.

So, I thought maybe I'd share some photos and then, when it's all done, post the final beauties. I have a good feeling about this's going to have a Fishman resonator pickup in it for playing live and I'm not worried about the rest...Mike makes 'em right. It's going to have a dark, dark stain on the back and sides and vintage sunburst top. Oh, and it's all solid mahogany. Just glad I paid for this back then so I could still get my hands on it. Mike suggested picking up the new Fishman Jerry Douglas Aura Imaging pedal at some point to go with it, so if Mike says so, I guess I'll have to start saving up again. Enjoy the photos and I'll post more when it's done.

In the meantime, please, send me your stories. I'd love to keep this thing rollin' and I know everyone who reads this has a story of their own.

UPDATE: Here are a couple of photos I just got halfway through the finish. It's getting a stunning antique sunburst finish and I'm getting antsy. Shouldn't be too long now.

UPDATE FINAL: Here are a couple of photos of the final instrument. It's a beauty and it sounds unbelievable.

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