Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Another Successful Guitar Center Dumpster Dive

I'll make this one short and then tomorrow I'll finally have a new story for you. If you've read a lot of the stories on this blog you might remember that every time I go to Guitar Center I can't help but drive around back and check out the dumpster. Now I don't check the dumpster everywhere I go...you won't find me scrounging for slightly rotten apples at the grocery store. However, almost every time I go to Guitar Center I find stuff in the dumpster of value. I've found and sold everything from electronic drum parts to mic stands to Hartke bass cabinets.

This weekend, as we were driving past GC, my kids even got into the act and suggested I check it out. We pulled around back and, holy crap, sure enough...15 new or almost new guitar gig bags. I pulled out the large plastic bag they were in and tossed them all in the back of the Explorer and headed home. Once I got home I realized there were some nice bags in there, some still with tags on them. In one bag there was also a nice guitar tuner and a pack of nice Ernie Ball Slinky coated acoustic strings. They now reside on my '64 Epiphone Frontier. And the tuner works great.

I kept one of the nicer gig bags that was slightly smaller for my Gretsch cowboy guitar and then set aside the two Dean Flying V padded gig bags.

Who knew you could get form-fitting gig bags for Flying V's?

Anyway, I gave the rest to my oldest daughter who sometimes works at a band rehearsal studio and she's going to try to unload them for a little gas money. I put the two Flying V bags on eBay last night and they both sold in less than 24 hours for $20 each. I know, it's not going to make me rich, but that's basically $40 FREE MONEY to buy some new tunes on iTunes with or maybe pick up a cheap pedal on eBay. Maybe some strings. Again...FREE MONEY.

I don't know what's going on at Guitar Center, but please, keep it coming.


Alex said...

Odd that the employees haven't gotten in on it. Maybe the employee discount is enough.

Anonymous said...

I've seen this happen before..employees throw away merchandise in the dumpster. They leave work and drive over to the dumpster to retrieve their stolen goods. Evently the employee was caught in the act and police confiscated several thousands dollars of merchandise at his home.