Monday, February 23, 2009

New Feature: Swap Meet Finds

I don't go the the swap meet or thrift stores or pawn shops regularly, though from the number of stories on this blog with ties to those places you'd think I lived there. But, when I DO go I think I have a pretty good eye for spotting the interesting stuff. And not always guitars...I have a house full of pretty cool furniture and decor that has originated from second hand stores and the like. When I do find something I thought maybe I'd share my treasures...BEFORE they become stories on this old blog.

On Sunday I took the kids and headed to the Oceanside Swap Meet in Oceanside, CA. I have a knack for finding good stuff there and, after hitting almost every aisle with no luck, I came across a pretty cool Marshall Micro Bass stack. You know the ones...they stand about three and a half feet tall and look kind of cool...or kind of goofy...depending on your point of view. Usually you see the mini stacks made for guitar, but this one is a rare bass mini-stack, which I have now found out is known as model 3505 and were only made from '87 to '91. There is NOTHING on the internet about these other than one review at Harmony Central. The fine folks at Marshall tell me they don't have the original manual for it either. I'm on my own.

I asked the guy selling it if it worked correctly. He said, "It works perfectly except the speaker jack on the bottom cab has been pushed in and needs to be repaired." I figured that is an easy fix. Of course, once I got home and cleaned it up and plugged the top cab to the head...nothing. Actually I got a little tiny bit of scratchiness from the volume knob, but that's it. The silver lining is that I only paid $40 for the whole thing...the Celestion speakers that are in the cabs are worth no less than $75, so I'm not worried about getting my money back. But it would be cool if it worked. I guess I'll have to see if it's a cheap fix.

And that's today's installment of: Swap Meet Finds!

Update: Rather than pay to get the Marshall fixed I posted it on eBay "as is" and ended up selling it for $150. Not bad! Too bad it didn't work correctly from the beginning.


Anonymous said...

A friend brought one of those in to our studio the other day and it had the same problem.
All i had to do with it was to clean up the volume and gain pots. Aka regular maintanence.
Now it works like a charm but it is a tad bit weak for other use then as a practice amp for homeuse. But i plugged in a regular dist-pedal and for guitar it works fine =)

swebonte (AT)

Anonymous said...

amigo yo tengo un amplificador de esos , lo estoy vendiendo barato jeje saludpos

Anonymous said...

I've had a microbass stack for the past 13 years and it has the same problem with volume/gain (and the "quietness"), but I do like the sound.