Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Good-Bye California

No, I'm not moving. Just doing a little shameless self-promotion. When I'm not doing a million other things, what I really love doing is writing songs, recording them on my Korg D16XD 16-track recorder through a fairly limited amount of gear, and then making CDs for the people I work with (and a few to sell at gigs). Hey, probably just like some of you.

As much as I love guitars, I'm not the most amazing guitarist for sure. I sometimes enlist the help of a few friends (like Dave and Rob and Mike and Oliver), but mostly I play all the parts myself and do all the singing. And there are times when you listen and think, "Maybe he should have called Dave for that one." That's okay. I decided long ago that my recordings are for me, warts and all, not anyone else...even though I like to share the music.

Since the last time I pieced together a CD's worth of material things have changed. And that's only over a few short years. Now you can order short runs of CDs from any number of places with full graphics and everything for a relatively small amount of money. You can do digital downloads from iTunes and Amazon and others. What I found the other night is a site called You can upload your artwork and all your music files and people can order your CD one (or more) at a don't have to order a bunch or spend any of your own money out of pocket. You set your price and make as much or as little profit as you want. I'm sure many of you know all of this already. Well, I'm pretty stoked because today I got my first copy of the CD to approve and it's amazing the quality of the product. I plan to order a few at a time to sell at gigs and send to my dad.

So, if for some wacky reason you'd like to purchase one of my new CDs, you can do so by clicking here. If you'd like to buy a digital download instead, go here to Amazon digital download store.

The new CD is called Good-Bye California, and a lot of it was written about living in California but contemplating a move to the east coast. There is a little heartache, sarcasm, hope, defeat, and ultimately the demise of a relationship. Fun stuff! My music would best fit the category of or folky country rock or whatever you want to call it. I just hope you enjoy it. And thanks for the opportunity to share it with YOU.

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Anonymous said...

Jamie great music! I listened to some of the tunes at the Amazon store. Have you ever had a record deal? I wasn't sure what to expect but your songs are really good.

thanks for sharing!- Pete B.