Tuesday, February 10, 2009

1959 Cherry Sunburst Gibson Les Paul

Story submitted by Bob Fallin

It's 1968. I am 16 years old and my cousin calls me and tells me the old guy across the street is selling a Les Paul and did I want to come look at it. My mom drove me there and I played this wonderful guitar. I paid the guy the 200 bucks he was asking and went out the door. He came running out and gave me the strap I forgot.

I had the guitar for a year when a guy came up and offered me $1,000.00 for it. I figured I must have something, so I refused to sell. I kept that 1959 cherry sunburst Les Paul and used it in night clubs and shows until 1985. I was afraid to take it to the clubs anymore and had bought a metal flight case to transport it. In 1985 I finally went to Guitar Exchange in Ellicott City, MD and got $5,000.00 for it. I bought a new 1985 PRS for $750.00 and some recording equipment.

Fast forward to 2008. The guitar I sold for $5,000.00 is now worth close to $300,000.00.

My wife never lets me forget it. I am not allowed to sell any of the other guitars I own, a 1956 Goldtop, a 1955 Gibson Country Western and some other fine instruments. I still have the PRS. It's a first year production and is now worth much more than when I bought it. I called Guitar Exchange a few years after selling it to him and tried to find out where it went.

No luck.


Anonymous said...

Is it because it is pricey that you miss this guitar, or because of the sounds she was able to produce inbetween your fingers?

In the end, what does matter to you ?

Guitube said...

5,000 wawwwww IT should be a very very very nice guitar. Do you have a picture.
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Daniel said...

No way! Unlucky man! I have a '59 vos reissue. Best LP i've played! http://www.zzounds.com/a--2677073/item--GIBLP59

Anonymous said...

Found your site as I was searching out info. about my 1959 Gibson Les Paul Special Guitar (all Original-One Owner). Cherry Red color--looks good. Guess I don't want to repeat history. Sorry!!! I am having a terrible time getting a feel for how much this guitar is worth?? Any input would be welcome
Thanks, Sadie

kimberly said...

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RazorLand Studio said...

Back in the late 70's I traded an old Model D Mini Moog Synth that I bought for 125 bucks at a flea market straight across for a 59 Black Beauty Les Paul. Played it for many years in cover bands across the midwest until finally about 89 or so a guy I was playing in a band with decided he needed my gear more than I did, stole all my equipment, including a 72, 3 bolt Strat, the Les Paul and a first generation Mesa Boogie Mark IIc............makes me sick to see today what that guitar is worth........