Monday, January 19, 2009

Telecaster Acoustic Thinline MIJ

Don't be confused...this is not one of those cheap-ass Telecoustic guitars that Fender makes (no offense Telecoustic owners). This is a very cool Thinline Tele with a piezo pickup in the acoustic style bridge and a single coil in the neck position. I actually have owned two of these; a sunburst model and before that, a black model. They both played very nicely and had a great, electric style feel to them, but giving a fairly convincing acoustic sound.

I have always loved Thinlines, and always been a Tele guy, so the first time I saw one of these I was intrigued.

I have always played acoustic gigs over the years and I thought that maybe this would come in handy. But where I really thought it would be good was in a band situation, providing both an acoustic and electric sound out of the same guitar. I only got to try it that way a few times and it worked out pretty good. Not an amazing acoustic sound played through an electric amp, but it works in a gig situation.

I have also been a big fan of the Japanese Fenders from the '90s. They just feel good and sound great. These are no exception and, if you have the need of a guitar that does what this one does, I'd say I could give it a pretty good recommendation. The hard part is finding one. They made them in steel string and nylon string versions, though the nylon string version doesn't include the single coil pickup for obvious reasons. I was reminded of the ones I had because I just happened to see one on eBay today.

Usually I try to include in my stories why I sold the guitar I had or how it was that it got away, but in the case of these two, I just don't remember. I'm sure it was just trading to get something else. In my case, probably a different Tele.


Anonymous said...

Just bought one of these a couple of weeks ago. Very tough to find and even hard to find information about the guitar. Beautiful instrument and beautiful sound. Had the chance to buy a mint black one with hard case at a local guitar center for $399 plus tax and walked away not knowing anything about the guitar. It had been traded in about an hour before my arrival. After searching for info on it that night, called back the next day to say I would come get it and it was gone. Finally found one online, but had to pay $500 for it with a gig bag. Sunburst, like yours.

Noel Rosa said...

If you like thinline or thin-body acoustics check out New Sound Acoustics is putting out some beautiful guitars in this niche market and earning some cool reviews. They are very customer oriented and easy to work with. All their guitars are custom made in the USA! They only weigh around 3lbs and don't feed back on stage.