Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Fender Blues Junior

This is the second Blues Junior I have owned and sold and I would be lying if I said I thought I'd never own another one. These are just great little amps and in a lot of ways I probably should have kept this one. But the truth of the matter is that I play acoustic gigs and I'm not in a band and what the hell do I need an amp for anyway? I have finally owned up to the fact that I'm probably never going to be in a rockin', giggin' band again, so a Blues Junior is really the perfect amp to own if you just want to be defiant about it and own one anyway. And they are fantastic for recording.

I bought this one off Craig's List for $225 and I sold it for $300, so I did make a profit and you can't argue with profit. You won't find this blog asking for any government bailouts. And when it comes time to unload the amp I bought that replaced the Blues Junior, I'll be making a hefty profit too. In fact, that's the real reason I kept it. A few columns ago I wrote about my dealings with King's Pawn Shop in beautiful Econdido, CA (note the sarcasm when describing Escondido). Although I'd had mixed reviews of the store in the past, the owner contacted me and in and effort to make things up to me, gave me a "deal I couldn't refuse" on a Rivera amp. The problem is that this amp is so awesome that it's really too much amp for me, sitting around my house, with no band and no electric gig. But I want it.
Don't we always want more gear than we need?

So, when I acquired the Rivera Hundred Duo Twelve (that's 100 watts through two 12" Celestions), it was such a great deal that I kept it and sold the amp that made the most sense. The only thing that did make sense about selling it was that I sure as hell didn't need TWO amps sitting around doing very little. So I guess the Rivera is an investment. The guys in my acoustic group all sent me emails saying to be sure to let them check it out before I sell it...of course being cynical about how long I would hold onto it. But my goal is to keep it as long as I can make myself. However, if you've read this blog, you know that's not an easy task for me.

Eventually I'm going to want something else and I'm going to sell the Rivera for about a $500 profit and get another Blues Junior for cheap off Craig's List and the balance of the amp world will be back in order.

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JohnTrem said...

In 1997 I walked away from a Blues Junior with a price tag of $125 that was in the Roadway salvage shop the wife and I frequent. My wife was encouraging me to get it. I went insane momentarily and said "No." Have regreted it sorely in the fifteen years hence.