Monday, December 22, 2008

Story Update

Back in February, I told a story of a Taka J-200 copy acoustic that included some fairly disparaging remarks about the store I bought it in. Not too terribly long after I wrote and posted the story I got an email from the owner of King's Pawn, the store in question. She had come across my story and was horrified that my experience in her store was less than fantastic. She apologized and, to make it up to me, let me know that, if I was still interested in the Rivera Hundred Duo Twelve amp they had (you'll have to read the story), she would give me a ridiculous deal on it. Today, months later, I walked into King's Pawn in Escondido, CA and, even though it was super pre-Christmas busy, got a nice "hello" and another employee offered her help if needed. I asked for the owner and introduced myself as the jerk who complained about her store online. The Rivera amp I was in love with was still there and, true to her word, the owner hooked me up with the most smokin' deal in history. I just got finished plugging it in and jamming on it and it's an amazing amp.

So, thanks to Heidi and everyone at King's Pawn...I truly do appreciate that she took the time to correct a situation in this world where customer service is dwindling and stores put customers last instead of first. You can bet I'll be poking around King's Pawn (the friendliest store in town) again regularly.

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