Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Comment Round-Up

Because of the nature of this blog, lots of people find it for the first time because they are Google searching for a particular guitar or amp. Lots of comments get left on past stories that probably don't get seen by regular readers. So, I thought maybe I'd start a new thing from time to time and round up the latest comments about archived stories. Here goes:

Regarding the story about the Gibson MK-35: "I bought my MK-35 in 1977, still have it, play it daily and it sounds better with each passing year. Had some issues with it way back when, bridge lifted and I sent it back to Gibson for repair. When it came back they had refinished it in Sunburst, it was originally natural. took a little getting used to but I came to like it after a while. It is a different looking beast for sure but mine plays well and sounds good. Came new with three different bridge saddles so that you could do your set up, just loosen the strings as slide one out and another in. I did put the pickguard on after much deliberation, sometimes wish that I hadn't but probably would have worn the finish off if it hadn't been installed. It's a good old guitar now, wouldn't trade it for the world!" -- Anonymous

Regarding the story about the Fender Flame...I received an email from the current owner of the guitar who wanted to contact the person who contributed the story to see if he wanted it back. Here is what resulted: "I just heard back from the current owner of this guitar. I don't think I can afford to buy it back. So it goes." -- Alex

Regarding the Cort Jim Triggs model: "I just bought this exact guitar. It's beautiful and has amazing tone. Thanks for the story." -- Ed

Regarding the the Music Man RD 112 One Hundred amp: "About 15 years ago, I was living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and there was a 210HD at a local music store for $200. I loved it and was THIS close to buying it, but as I was playing primarily hard rock, I finally decided against it (not without agony). Now, older and wiser, how I wish I could go back. And here's one that somehow didn't get away. As a 16-year-old metalhead in the mid-80s lusting after a modified Marshall stack, I wasn't too impressed with the tiny tweed Fender practice amp given to me by my aunt, after my uncle passed away. He had MS, and I never knew he played guitar until she gave me the amp. For some reason, I held onto the amp, because of sentimental value I guess. And now that I'm a 39-year-old playing everything from rock to blues to jazz and even metal, I've grown to understand just how awesome that 1955 Fender Champ sounds!" -- Chaotic Smelt

Regarding the Alvarez Yairi DY58 9-string acoustic: "I read and loved your piece on the DY58 9 string Yairi. I found mine in a similar manner at a pawn shop around 1985. The guy at the couonter didn't know what he had (for that much neither did I at the time). I played it once and then immediately knew I had to have it (I spent my Rent Check). I'll never forget the guy at the pawn shop saying "I recon it was a 6 string before,but it looks like somebody added some tuning pegs to it....I'll let it go for for $300.00...I'll through in the hard shell case just to get it out of here". SWEEEEEEET...I still have it but I don't anything technical about it. Like what wood did they use on the fret board, sides, back and top? What inspired them to make it and is it true that John Paul Jones of Led Zep may have used one?" -- Michael Perea

Regarding the Guyatone Bass: "I ever seen Guyatone Bass '70s at a second hand music instrumental shop. The body is like Yamaha Guitar '70s. The weird thing is that it has switch up-down to switch the pick up, just like guitar. So I wonder if it is really a bass, I thought it's a guitar that had been modified into bass. The sound is very very mellow when the switch turned to UP. It's brighter and harder when turned to DOWN." -- Erlangga

Regaring the Princeton Reverb amp: "Hi, I'm from Switzerland. I'm a percussionist. My son Simon loves playing guitar and he's very good at it. Now, for business reasons I met a customer in his office, and there, in the corner, I saw this cute amp with blue writing "Princeton Reverb." Later I found out it's a Fender 1977. I asked the owner if he's still playing. He said "No, and I have also an Electric Guitar." It was a Fender Mustang 1978. I told him that I would like to buy it for my son and asked him how much it would cost. "$400" he said "both!" Well, guess what I did...They look brand new and sound awesome! " -- Anonymous

And also this: "Good call on the pawn shops. I remember going to them and always seeing junk that was overpriced to boot. I specifically remember a highlighter-colored Charvette hanging in one." -- Alex

Regarding the story of the Epiphone Crestwood I used to own with the name 'Johnny Ruddy' scratched into the back of the headstock: "I bought the 'johnny ruddy' crestwood recently on eBay for $450 and shipping...I love it!" -- Anonymous

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