Friday, October 3, 2008

Walnut Gibson SG

Submitted by Matthew Malin

I had an Alamo Fiesta that my parents had bought me for Xmas of 1977. My buddy and I were going to bust out of this small Iowa town and be the next band to be bigger than KISS! For that we needed some real equipment. The Alamo just wasn't cutting it so I decided I needed to get a 'real' guitar. The summer of 1979 I detassled corn for eight solid weeks. I was able to make a whopping $370. After I got all my checks from the seed corn company, my dad and I headed off for the 'big' music stores in Iowa City and Cedar Rapids Iowa. This was a major shopping trip.

We went to a few stores in Iowa City and really nothing caught my eye. Finally we went to Carma Lou's House of Music in Cedar Rapids. Hanging on the wall was the coolest thing I'd ever seen. It was a solid walnut SG. Satin finish and open pickups. It was pretty cool to me. I was about $30 short on the price so my dad kicked in the rest. I walked out of that store on Cloud 9. That guitar was my lifeline. I played in my band on theweekends. Played in high school jazz band and swing choir with it during the week and just played the hell out of it.

After HS I took off and bummed around Iowa dragging my SG and silver face Deluxe Reverb with me. About 1987 I was in a real bind. I had no money for rent and I was paying for college. I found a sympathetic house mate that bought my guitar only as a 'bridge' loan. Well I never really got back into the black for about 10 more years. By then I'd lost touch with the house mate and that guitar was long gone. I've thought about calling the guy up but there are about 50 people in the US with that name.

Also, I don't want to hear some horror story about how they traded it for a dog or something.

So listen up, if you get a good guitar and you get in a bind, don't sell your guitar! Good times and money come and go but you're guitar is a part of you and you should always keep them!
Note: photo is not of actual guitar in the story.

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johnny said...

Old SGs -- great guitars. Old SGs always "fit" my hands better than Fenders or 80s guitars or the newer terrible "'59 profiles"