Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sho-Bud Heart Model Acoustic Guitar

This story is not about "one that got away," but was left as a comment today on the entry about the
Sho-Bud Club Model. It was such a great story that I thought I'd post it as an entry to make sure it doesn't get passed over. So, without further ado...

Submitted by Gary

Love to hear that there are others who know about the Sho-Bud acoustics first hand! I bought my Heart Model brand new at The House of Guitars in Phoenix, AZ on 5/22/80. I still have the receipt and price tag that was dangling from the machine head. I was about 17 and we didn't have much money. I had to buy all my gear, and the Italian restaurant I worked at didn't pay much...I would ride the bus down and play the 100's of guitars on hangers. The guy was really cool, knew everything about guitars.

From the first time I picked it up I fell in love with it.

The sound was unlike anything else in the shop, and the inlay was just breathtaking. I was pretty sure I would never get to play that guitar anywhere but in the store, and each time I went there, I went right to it, surprised that somebody (!!!) hadn't bought it yet.

My grandmother died and left my mom a pretty decent chunk of change, and I asked my mom if she would buy a replacement for my Ross distortion box (I fried mine, and electric guitars just aren't the same without that option...). It was the first time she had ever been with me in there and, after we got the distortion box out of the case, I said "Hey mom, come here, you've got to hear this guitar." I played a little ditty and she fell in love with it. I said, "Before we go on vacation, ( which was rare ) would you buy it for me?" She said, "I'll buy it right now if you really want it." I was nearly in tears. The clerk said that for a guitar like that we'd better buy a real nice case too. It was easy to see that a guitar this special deserved a nice case, so we were pretty easily talked into getting a really plush case for it, where it has spent much of it's time when not on a stand.

It has brought me more joy than any of the guitars I've owned over the 30 years I have been involved in music. I have gotten so many sincere compliments on it and several envious looks. I had a high dollar pickup installed under the bridge quite a few years back, and to play it through a Boss chorus and then a Boss analog delay creates a rich, lush sound that has to be heard to be appreciated.

Mom's gone now, but I'll never be able to play that beautiful instrument without her in mind. I have another story about something just unexplainably unique involving this guitar, but I've gone a bit long here as it is. Perhaps another time, as I rarely get sick of recounting so many years of just pure joy that this sweet guitar has given me. She has been my best friend and truest love. Got a Sho-Bud story? Drop me a line: Gary's Email

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Anonymous said...

I own a heart model also! I bought it from a truck driver back in the 90s! Still play it to this day!