Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Guitarbecue II

This isn't a story of one that got away...but I hope you'll find it useful. Earlier this year one of my buddies that is into gear as much as I am had a great idea. He suggested that we get all of our "guitar friends" together for a barbecue and bring whatever guitar gear we wanted to share with each other and just sit around and geek out on gear. It seems like every time one of us gets some new pedal or finds a great deal on a cool amp on Craig's List or comes up with a new guitar, there is an email that goes around, bragging about the new acquisition. We're always happy for each other, but we also want to check out the new gear and see how it sounds. Especially when there is a new pedal we've never played through before.

So, combine a bunch of amps and guitars and pedals and whatnot in a large living room with a couple of grills working overtime and plenty of cold beer and you've got...Guitarbecue!

My group of friends actually just had our second Guitarbecue and it was amazing what new gear had been acquired since the last one only six months ago. Everyone traded guitars and plugged into other rigs and jammed on way too many three chord blues progressions to make the normal person comfortable. It was truly only an event that a real guitar geek could identify with. And I'm proud to say that I thoroughly enjoyed myself. If you've got a group of friends that you geek out with, I highly suggest launching your own Guitarbecue.

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