Sunday, August 3, 2008

'73 Fender Telecaster Thinline

Have you ever owned a guitar for quite awhile and you don't remember much about it? Must have made quite an impression, huh? I had owned a Telecaster Custom at one point and really like the way the humbucker in the neck sounded. I also really loved Thinline Teles. In fact, I really want one right now but I can't afford any purchases at the moment. I have a sweet Tele with a humbucker in the neck and it sounds great and I need to get over the fact that I'd love to have lots and lots of electric guitars, but I only NEED one.

Anyway, I came across this guitar clue where...hence the "don't remember much about it" comment at the beginning. I'm sure this was pre-eBay days, so that's not it. It wasn't at Guitar Center, though that's where I ended up selling it. It wasn't at the little guitar store down the road, so I'm really confused by where I bought this guitar. If I remember someday I'll come back and update this story.

The main point of this guitar was that I had come to the conclusion that two humbuckers are better than one, Thinline Telecaster is better than standard Telecaster, this is going to be one hell of a sounding guitar! Wrong.

It didn't sound remotely as good as the Custom I had before. It was brighter and fairly brittle sounding. And oddly heavier than I thought it would be. It was in beautiful condition, but I quickly came to the conclusion that this was not the guitar for me. But, not wanting to admit defeat, I ended up hanging on to it for awhile, hoping it would grow on me. It didn't.

I remember trading it in or selling it outright to Guitar Center for some reason. Like I said, this was pre-eBay and there weren't a lot of options back then if you wanted to get a great price. I remember the guy at Guitar Center trying to tell me that it wasn't that desirable of a guitar and wasn't worth all that much. Asshole. He would say he needed to get another guy to come look at it, then some other dude would come parading in and check it out and leave and then another. I think they were just all coming in to look at the "sucker" that was dumping the '73 Tele. I remember taking a lot less for it than I knew damn well it was worth, but I didn't have a lot of choices if I wanted to unload it. Today it would be worth over three grand but at the time I practically gave it away. Yes, I'm not too bright sometimes.

Note: Once again, no photos of the actual guitar, so I found these of the same exact model. Hope you can use your imagination to pretend this was the one in the story (but it's not!).


justin said...

That thing is purty. Ive never seen a Thinline in real life before. Nice story too!

Andy said...

Hi there, it's a '72 Thinline.

Mike Sudderth said...

Did they not produce this guitar in 1973? I have one that I've sourced to '73...but was maybe on the bench in '72? Any thoughts..