Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Teisco Del Rey Model 110

This is going to have to be a short one because there just isn't much to tell. This is a model 110 Teisco Del Rey guitar with a single pickup and an adjustable bridge. You see a lot of these if you frequent the swap meets, but you don't see them in blue. Usually they are this one kind of caught my eye. They don't sell for a lot on eBay, so, unless I find a Teisco like this for $50 or less and in pretty darn good shape, I just keep walking. Have I become too picky? Well, not really....just tighter with my money. It's just not the kind of guitar I'm interested in keeping, so it's got to be something I can resell for enough to make it worthwhile to photograph, list on eBay, package and ship.

In other words, why bother paying $100 if you can only sell it for $125?

Having said all that, it's a pretty cool looking guitar...especially up against my vintage orange Steelcase chair and hand made JFK pillow. The blue color really pops and the black flowery pickguard is interesting enough. Notice how all my comments are about how it looks? Overall the guitar was in excellent condition. It just didn't seem like anything I'd use even for home recording. I'm no Ry Cooder folks and I don't even want to be David Lindley...have you seen him? He always looks like the craziest grandpa ever who could use a shower (and some new pants). I'd love to have him play on some recordings though. Or Ry Cooder. Either one really. I'm an idiot. And I'm running out of stuff to write about. If someone doesn't contribute a story soon we're pretty much dunzo here.

Update: In the comments Keith asks how it sounded and how the action was. What? Real guitar questions? What is this? Oh, all right. The sound was actually about how the guitar looks...pretty weak and thin. The action was actually okay. I'm sure it could have been tweaked even more and made to play extra fine. I readily admit that this guitar might be right up someone's alley for a cool, alternate sounding instrument. I didn't really take the time to do much more than clean it up, make sure it worked, and start listing it on eBay. 


Keith said...

absolutely nothing on the tone?

Did the pickups hold up well? Was there that smooth, creamy distortion that vintage pickups emanate? Was the action playable, or capable of fitting a deck of cards on the fretboard?

Jaimie Muehlhausen said...

Just updated the story to include the relevant info. Man, making me work harder!

cloudy said...

Man, I've got the 2 pickup version - not the world's greatest guitar, but when you want "that" sound, it's got it - then I stuck P-90's on it. For you Teisco freaks, I have some before & after vids, recorded into ProTools -

And, my hollow body (EP8T) is just a magic guitatr - really special for all kinds of music. Amazing what 40 years can do to a cheap guitar.