Sunday, July 20, 2008

Ibanez Metal Charger Pedal

Some people really only like the 09 series effects pedals from Ibanez. You know, the ones that look like a Tubescreamer...there is a pukey lavender chorus pedal and a flanger pedal the yellow color of those Xterras on Baywatch. I like those pedals too, but there are some other Ibanez pedals that I think get passed over just a little, not those cheap-ass Sound Tanks. The 10 series. I don't know a lot about them to be honest, but it seems to me like Ibanez wanted to make a bunch of newer, more versatile pedals and thought it would be a great idea to completely change the way their pedals look while they were at it.

I can hear the marketing dudes sitting around at Chili's now..."Boss is the number one pedal in the world. We have to start branching out and we need to make our pedals look more like the Boss pedals. Yeah, that's the ticket!" So, they graduated up to the 10 series. The good thing is that a lot of these pedals really do sound great. I found this Metal Charger pedal at the Swap Meet and picked it up for $20 or so. Sounded like metal to me. That's about all I know. I'm not a big metal, heavy distortion guy. I'll settle for the Tube Screamer and nothing else when it comes to distortion. But I figured I could resell this one for a profit.

But the real reason why I posted this one is because it reminded me of another 10 series Ibanez pedal I used to have that was really great. It was both a chorus and a flanger in one. It might be the Prime Dual Chorus...or the Chorus/Flanger...I don't even know the model number. Maybe someone out there knows and could throw me a bone. I'd love to find one again...the chorus on it sounded very lush and really nice. I don't care much about flanging really. I'm not Steve Miller.

So, today's lesson: I hate metal distortion pedals so much that I only write about them to bring up other pedals I do like.


Paulo said...

Hi mate! =)

I think the pedal you're referring, is the Ibanez Session Man II (model SS20), also from the 10 (or Power) series. It's a great sounding pedal!

Cheers and Beers and a HaPpY New Year! =)

Paulo said...

Ooops, my mistake!

The pedal you've mentioned is the PC10 (blue one), known as Prime Dual Chorus. It's a very rare find, actually!

Anonymous said...

I love the series 10 pedals.
I've got the metal charger (well
three of them actually), the tube
screamer, stereo chorus, prime dual chorus and I'm looking for more ;)
john heery