Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hey Now...Who's Got a Story?

I know I've threatened before, but I'm seriously about to run out of stories to share. Hey, the last one was about a Metal Charger pedal. I've got a few more guitars to write about and not much else. I'm going to have to turn the focus of the site to other people's stories. I plan to do interviews with other guitarists, but as always, I'd love to have you submit YOUR story about the one that got away. It doesn't have to be all witty and intricate...it just has to be about that instrument you really wish you'd never let go. Just tell us what the instrument was, any interesting details you can think of, such as where you got it, how much you paid, anything odd or interesting about the guitar, how long you had it or something interesting that might have happened while you owned it, and how it got away. Maybe it was stolen, maybe you sold it when times were tough, maybe you gave it away. Photos are great but not necessary. You can email your story to me here: CLICK.

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