Thursday, May 15, 2008

Emerald Combo Organ - Frankfurt, Germany

I'm going to keep this story short and sweet. It's not a guitar, but it's cool and it illustrates my luck. A couple of years ago I got to go on a business trip to Frankfurt, Germany to a tradeshow called Paper World. I think there was actually a German translation for it, but you don't care and I can't remember what the heck it was. I had never been to Europe before and was excited to FINALLY be going, yet a little nervous about how easy or hard it would be to communicate and get around. Germany turned out to be extremely easy since the majority of the people spoke at least some English and were amazingly friendly and helpful. I flew in on day one and had the evening to get settled. On day two I went to the tradeshow and then a nice Italian dinner. On day three it was Saturday and I decided to go down by the river to the art museums for the morning.

It was very cold and snowing lightly and there was ice on the sidewalks. I didn't time things very well and, after the taxi dropped me off in front of The St├Ądel, I realized that nothing was going to be open for at least an hour. The museum district is right on the banks of the River Main and so I decided to take a little walk along the path next to the river. I looked up ahead and noticed some people selling junk and sausage and coffee.

I realized that somehow I had come halfway around the world and managed to find the biggest swap meet in Frankfurt.

I walked along for over a mile and checked out the same old junk we have here in the USA. There were a few weird guitars, but nothing worthwhile. All of a sudden something else caught my eye. It was a cool '60s era combo organ lying on the ground amongst pots and pans and other crap. I thought, "How cool would it be to come home with a swingin' organ from Germany?" I asked how much and the told me it was the equivalent of about $35 US. I was about to say "SOLD!" and then realized I would have to somehow figure out how to get it home. It just seemed to be way too much trouble, although it would have been a great story. Well, maybe it still is.

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