Friday, April 18, 2008

Telecaster Nashville Sonic Blue MIJ

I remember exactly why I wanted this guitar. It fit four of my guitar "requirements" extremely well. If you've read any of the previous stories you know I love Telecasters (check!), I love the Fender custom color Sonic Blue (check!), I love Fenders made in Japan (check!), and it filled in that difference between a Strat and a Tele very nicely with the third pickup (check!).

I thought the Nashville Telecaster was going to be the answer to my prayers. In many ways it was...a nice blend of Tele meets Strat. The Nashville Teles features a nice contoured body much like a Strat, with the body contoured at the bottom and at the waist on the back. Much more comfortable than a standard Telecaster body. At the time that I bought this guitar, my previous guitars had almost exclusively been standard Teles. Up until about two years before I bought this one, I finally broke down my own self-imposed stereotypes and bought myself a Strat. And then another. And then after selling the first one I replaced it will another.

The first one I had bought was Fiesta Red, which at the time just didn't completely do it for me. However, now I think I would really love a sweet Fiesta Red Strat. I'd have to outfit it with a mint green reissue pickguard and matching pickup covers and knobs. I think that's a really cool looking guitar. As I've also mentioned previously, I will admit to liking or disliking a guitar based on looks alone. A Fiesta Red Strat with stark white pickguard, etc. just doesn't work for me.

Okay, back to the Nashville Tele. At the time I owned this guitar, I also owned a couple of other nice electrics. I got obsessed with a Strat project (which I'll detail in my next post), and needed to sell something to make it happen financially. For whatever reason, even though this guitar seemed to meet a lot of my criteria for a perfect match, it was just never the guitar I picked up and strummed when I went for a guitar. Maybe you know what I mean.

There was never any special mojo that drew me to it. So, when it came time to sell, away it went...vintage Italian pin-up girl water decal and all.

In a perfect world, if I could have ALL my guitars back to keep, I'd definitely love to have this one back. I might consider swapping out the pickups or something...just something to give it a little more personality. But all in all, it was definitely a nice guitar.


Mick said...

love the sonic blue! I had a '62 reissue jazz bass in fiesta red and it had a tortoise shell pick guard that looked killer, better then the white I thought.

Jaimie Muehlhausen said...

I LOVE that with the tortoise guard. A friend of mine has a Strat like that and I'm always just a little jealous. Thanks for the comment...Jaimie

Keith said...

I dunno. To me, it doesn't say Tele unless it's got two pickups and a maple fingerboard. If you want rosewood, get a Strat or a Paul. If you want 3 pickups, get a strat. If you want humbuckers, get a Paul or a Dot.

Eric von Michigan said...

Whoa... I have one of these in seafoam green, serial number U024961; yours was damn close! (U024857) Mine was an unexpected graduation present to myself. I was going down to Firehouse Guitars in Holland, Michigan to buy a Bad Monkey pedal when I saw that guitar. Some salesman at the time noticed that every time I was messing around with a guitar for more than half an hour, it usually ended up going home with me, and that Tele was no exception.

Firehouse Guitars is also home of Langejans acoustic guitars. They're handmade and seriously incredible. One of my roommates during my sophomore year of college bought a '92 Langejans for only $1200 and that's how I discovered the music store in Holland.

In 1996, the store got six of those Japanese Telecasters in, and Del Langejans picked the best one for his own personal guitar. Nine years later, I bought it for $400. I had just bought a white Frankensteined '74 or '75 Les Paul Custom from the other Firehouse Guitars location for $400 a few months prior to that, too.

I'm still kicking myself for not buying the used 5-string neck-through '97 Warwick Thumb bass they had for $1300 when I had the chance. That's my biggest "one that got away".